Understatement is on of the elements of satire

Understatement is on of the elements of satire.Understatement is used in “Candide” of the Baron of Westphalia, “The Baron was one of the most powerful lords in Westphalia, for his castle had not only a gate but windows.” Voltaire is constantly satirizing the social hierarchy in Candide, whether it’s religion, politics, or class. Voltaire’s primary purpose in writing Candide was to demolish the theory of Optimism. He also used another satire method, exaggeration, Candide is driven from what for him and others at the baron’s castle was “the best of all possible worlds.” The carnage of the Bulgar-Abar conflict, the tempest and earthquake, the apparent death of Cunégonde and the actual death of her parents, the experiences during the Inquisition — these and all other salient events are described in exaggerated terms.