Nathan Ressom LOTF Vocabulary Sentences

Nathan Ressom
LOTF Vocabulary Sentences:
1) What did I do to cause this enmity in our friendship?
2) Until my science’s grade improves, my screen time privileges will be on hiatus.

3) Bob’s natural ebullience began to return.

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4) He was guilty because the judge ignored the recrimination.

5) Finding parking is a vicissitude of city life.

6) When I nod my head it represented my tacit of an agreement.

7) In school, a blatant act can give you a detention.

8) Only a malevolent person will hurt a young child.

9) It is very rude to jeer at the opposing team during a game.

10) She is too outgoing to be ever accused of being demure.

11) The corpulent athlete was cut from the team.

12) I cannot compel to anything bad.13) During the night, I love to see the luminous stars in the sky.

14) Is that acrid smell in your house a trash can?